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Program Name Research Directions Intake Duration Language Tuition Fee (CNY/Year) 
Agricultural Engineering1.Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
2.Electric Drive and Intelligent Control of Agricultural Equipment
3.Agricultural Electrification and Information Engineering
4.Agricultural Biological Enviromental Engineering and Energy Engineering
5.Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Engineering
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Clinical Medicine1.Clinical laboratory diagnostics
2.Internal Medicine
4.Dermatology and Venereology
5.Imaging medicine and nuclear medicine
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese42000
Computer Science and Technology1.Multimedia and Intelligent Information Processing
2.Data Processing and Data Engineering
3.Service Computing and Software System
4.Internet of Things Equipment and Systems (including Agricultural Internet of Things)
5.System Security and Information Security
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Control Science & Engineering1 .Intelligent Control of Electrical Driving System
2.Intelligent Detection and Process Control
3.Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
4.Control Theory and Application of Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle
5.Theory and application of Nonlinear systems
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Environmental Science and Engineering1.Environmental Pollution and Health
2.Environment Ecology and Agricultural Environmental Protection
3.New Environmental Materials and Application
4.Biological Environmental Protection and Utilization of Agricultural Resources
5.Engineering and Equipment for Environmental Management
6.Theory and Technology for Pollution Control
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Food Science and Engineering1.Food Physical Processing and Intelligent Equipment
2.Non-destructive Detection of Food Quality and Intelligent Equipment
3.Food Bioengineering and Intelligent Equipment
4.Food Biological Safety
5.Food Nutrition and Health
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Management Science and Engineering1.Technology and Innovation Management
2.Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering Management
3.Big Data and Social Management Engineering
4.Industry Engineering and Service Science
5.Management Science and Organizational Behavior Management
6.Economic Systems Analysis and Management
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese26000
Materials Science and Engineering1.Functional Polymer Materials
2.Preparation and Structural Control of Novel Metal-Based Materials
3.Bio-Energy Interfaical Functional Materials
4.Preparation and Processing of Advanced Materials
5.Inorganic Materials and Devices
6.Materials Physics and Chemistry
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Mechanical Engineering1. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
2. Mechatronic Engineering
3. Mechanical Design and Theory
4. Vehicle Engineering
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics1.Internal Flow Theory and Modern Design Method of Fluid Machinery
2.Clean Combustion and New Energy Utilization
3.Energy Saving and Intelligent Technology of Pump and Pump System
4.Multiphase Flow and Complex Flow in Energy and Power Engineering
5.Chemical Process Mechanical Design Theory and Technology
6.Water Resources and Pumping Station Engineering
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Electrical Engineering1.Design Theory and Application of High Efficiency Motor
2.Theory and Control of Magnetic Suspension Bearingless Transmission System
3.New Energy and Power System Control and Protection
4.High Reliable Electric Drive Theory and Power Electronics Technology
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Mechanics1.Key Mechanical Issues in Engineering Structures
2.Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
3.Coupling Theory of Mechanics and Multi-physical Fields and Multiscale Mechanics
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Traffic Engineering1.Intelligent Vehicle-road Coordination and Assisted Driving Technology
2.Synthesis Energy Saving and Environment Protection of Traffic Conveyance
3.Traffic Safety and Big Data
4.Vehicle Operation Control and Intelligent Transportation System
5.Simulation and Control of Road Vehicle Dynamic Performance
Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000
Vehicle Engineering1.Vehicle System Dynamics Control
2.Theory and Method of Vehicle System and Parts Design
3.Comprehensive Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology
Spring and Autumn4English or Chinese28000
Mathematics Research Directions:

1. Applied Mathematics

2.Operational Research and Cybernetics

Spring and Autumn4 YearsEnglish or Chinese28000