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Financial Information

(1) Local Bank Accounts

You can open a local foreign currency/RMB account at the Bank of China (with traveler’s checks) and can withdraw funds using a passbook and/or an ATM card for the account issued in Zhenjiang. When traveling, use the ATM card to withdraw funds. You should

always carry sufficient money in cash to cover emergencies.

Main Campus Banks Location:

Bank of China:

Xuefu Road, opposite of "Middle "Gate of the Campus. Self-support service station is on the right side of the entrance of Zonghe Building (near Dongshan playground ). Working Hours: 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm.

Note: The service charge is 3% of the transaction amount, a little bit higher than that of the ATM transactions.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:

East side of university gym, inside of "East" Gate of the Campus.

Working hours: 9:00 am~5:00pm.

China Agricultural Bank:

East side of university gym, near the East Gate of the Campus.

Working hours: 9:00 am~5:00pm.

(2) ATM/Bank Cards

Automatic teller machines are available in every corner of the campus. Most of them provide access to international bank cards (Visa, Master, Diners club, JCB, American express etc). Usual withdrawal limit of Chinese ATM machinese is around 2000 to 3500 per transaction. And daily withdrawal limit depends on your card.

(3) Credit Cards

Five international credit cards, that is, Master card, Visa card, Diners card, American express card and JCB card are accepted by major hotels and restaurants, and large department stores in China, but few other businesses. Most businesses operate on a cash-only basis. Please note that International debit cards are not accepted by merchants POS machines to swipe.

(4) Traveler's Check

Bank of China can cash traveler’s checks of international commercial banks and traveler’s checks companies of many countries and regions, such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong etc.. However, traveler’s check is among the most useless things in other businesses in China.

(5) Exchanging Money

You will find several establishments in China where money-changing services are offered. Banks are the best places, offering the official rate and charging a reasonable commission. There also money-changing services at major hotels and international airports. A passport

is required to change money. When changing money at an ATM with credit or bank cards, it is not always possible to check the rate you are being offered or to establish if there is a commission fee accessed (some may be higher or lower). Check your receipt carefully and avoid that machine in the future if rates are excessive. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the current exchange rates before you go abroad.

(6) Safety Reminders

Remember to keep your receipts safely for all foreign currencies exchanged into RMB.

Government regulations allow only 50% of the original amount to be changed back into foreign currencies and require proof of the initial exchange. (For example, if you change $100 to RMB you can only change back half of the RMB to dollars, $50 worth, and must provide the original exchange receipt). The RMB to dollar exchange must be made at the main branch of the Bank of China in the city.

Do not change money outside of the official exchange services.

Unofficial exchanges usually result in losing your money. The practice is illegal and you could also face charges of breaking foreign exchange laws.


Do not keep large sums of cash in your dorm(room). Buy a travelers’money belt and beware of pickpocketters in crowds and on public transports.

(7)Transfer / Payment of Fees

Before you come to China, please make all necessary arrangements to pay your tuition fees. You are required to pay off fees upon arrival. Delay in payment of fees may delay your registration and residence permit.Ideal options to carry money by the students are Traveler's Check or WESTERN UNION money transfers on student’s name. Most international debit/credit cards offer cash withdrawals at Chinese ATMs. (In all these options, student make the transaction from home and receive money in China through respective institutions).

If you wish to transfer the tuition to university account, please note that we do not take responsibility for any delays or transaction in the remittance. We only consider the date on which the amount arrives to our account. Please note that any wrong input will cause failure of the transaction. We request you to take special attention on our account details (given below).


Foreign Currency Account Details (USDonly)


Name of the Bank: BANK OF CHINA,


Bank Account No.: 5157 5822 6635

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ95D

Please note that the Foreign currency account

can only accept USD. Please do not transfer other currencies to this account.




BANKING OR ATMs , if you are transfering money with-in China. Make the transaction

from the bank counter only.

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