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Jiangsu University provides campus accommodation for all international students. Except special circumstances, it is not allowed to live off-campus. Please do not rent an apartment off-campus before the approval from Overseas Education College. If the student rents an apartment off-campus without the approval, the economic losses caused shall be borne by the student himself or herself. All campus accommodation are double rooms, and single rooms are generally not provided. The room is equipped with independent toilet, air conditioner, water heater, air conditioner and other facilities. There are kitchens and activity rooms in the dorm building.

Accommodation Fee: CNY4500 / bed / year (North), CNY4900 / bed / year (South), or CNY30 / bed / day. The first year of the doctoral president's scholarship includes accommodation expenses. From the second year, the scholarship will be based on annual evaluation result.

How to Reserve Campus Accommodation:

Pleas fill domitory application form and send it to email


Accommodation Related Regulations and Rules

 Regulations on Management of Overseas Apartments at Jiangsu University.pdf

 Regulations of Dormitory Exchange for International Students.pdf

 Regulations on selection of excellent dormitory for overseas students at Jiangsu University.pdf

 Regulations on Points Deduction for Violations in Overseas Apartment.pdf

 Regulations of Off - Campus Accommodation for Overseas Students at Jiangsu University.pdf