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Residence Permit

Dear students,

It is very important to hold a valid residence permit in China. You should keep your visa expiry date in mind and renew it on time.If you visa has expired when you try to renew it, you will be fined RMB¥ 500per day. Failure to adhere to these regulations will also lead to punishment by Chinese government.

1. When to apply/renew?

At least, 10-20 days ahead of the expiry date.

The service timings for residence permit processing at the OEC student affairs office is 2:00-5:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon only.See that you have enough time to apply and finish the process ahead of time. If you miss the timings, you will be responsible for the delay or expiration of your residence permit.

2. What documents should be prepared?

1) Document Checklist (for OEC's record only)

- Obtain the Checklist at the dorm front desk orOEC student affairsor download from here.

- Fill out this form and check with the receptionist about your accommodation status, ensure it is signed by the receptionist. (*If you do not live on campus, then check your accommodation status with the LOCAL police station that administrates the district where you live).

- Check your tuition fee with your teacher at OEC and he/she will give you the extension time and his/her signature.

2) Passport (Passport expiry date must be long enough to cover the visa/residence permit extension time you're applying for.)

3) Copies of your passport (photo page, valid residence permit page, last airport immigration stamp page)

4) Visa & Residence Permit Application Form(Filling Sample)

5) OEC's official letter (to be issued by OEC office - Room 201) (Sample)

6) Copy of your JW201/JW202 (Sample of JW202)

7) Copy of Jiangsu University's Official Code(available at OEC student affairs office)

8) Prepare to take a photo at the Police Station (RMB¥20; RMB¥25 with a CD disc for next time use. *If you can bring a 2-inch passport photo with WHITE background AND a regular-sized CD disc with that photo on it, then you don't have to take a photo at the Police Station.)

9) *Physical Examination Report (New students only).

10) Visa/residence permit fee: RMB¥400 (RMB¥160 for X2 visa or other short-term visa).


For new students, OEC provides a free ride to the police station; other students can choose to take a taxi or buses (see FAQs on the website for bus routes).

You should take full responsibility of your own residence permit. OEC reserves the right to explain any statement or detail.


(1)X visa. Students with an X Visa who plan to stay in China for more than half a year must obtain the Residence Permit within 30 days of entry in China.

(2)F visa. Students with an F visa are not required to hold a residence permit. “Intended days of stay” in the visa decides their days of stay in China.

(3)L visa. Students who come to China with an L visa must obtain an X student visa before applying for their residence permit, or else they can only stay in China only within the valid period defined in their L visa.

(4)According to China’s laws, international students, when going out of campus, must carry passports and other credentials to prove their legal status in China.

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