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Brief Introduction to Jiangsu University


Jiangsu University (JSU) was founded in 1902, sharing the exact origin with Nanjing University, Southeast University, etc. It is a national comprehensive key university under the joint support and instruction of China’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Jiangsu Provincial Government.


JSU is located in Zhenjiang, a well-known, beautiful, and historic city on the south bank of the Yangtze River. It is also where the Yangtze River cuts across the Grand Canal of China.

JSU has three campuses: The main campus, the Beigu campus, and a second-level college: Jingjiang College.


China has more than 2600 registered and accredited higher education institutions. According to the latest ESI Ranking, JSU improved its ranking from 65 in 2016 to 45 in 2022 among China’s Universities.

In the World University Ranking of Timers Higher Education (2021), JSU comes out 58th out of all universities in China, and in the QS Asian University Ranking (2021), JSU is ranked 48.

Staff & Students

JSU employs more than 2,700 academics, with over 41% academics who have spent more than one year at an international university. It has over 40,000 students, including over 13,000 postgraduates and 2,300 international students for degree education.


JSU has 27 schools and colleges and offers 98 undergraduate programs, 15 doctoral programs of the first-level discipline, 45 master’s programs of the first-level discipline, as well as professional master's programs of 21 categories. These programs are offered in the following 12 academic disciplines: Engineering, Agriculture, Science, Medicine, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature, Art, and History. The University also houses 13 postdoctoral research stations.


Faculties at JSU offer 15 doctoral academic disciplines (fields of recognized expertise) encompassing 45 subjects (majors). We currently house two national key academic disciplines and one national academic key discipline (under construction). In addition, JSU boasts 12 advanced academic disciplines (fields of study) ranked by ESI in the top 1% globally. They are Engineering, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Biology & Biochemistry, Environmental Ecology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Computer Science, Botany & Animal Sciences and General Social Sciences. Among them, Engineering and Chemistry are ranked in the top 1‰ globally.

Research and Social Service

JSU actively promotes high-level research and social service. In its 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), the University won 847 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, placing it among the top 50 universities in China for six consecutive years. So far, the University has won 16 scientific and technological achievement awards at the national level, two scientific and technological innovation awards sponsored by the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, and three projects supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. In addition, the University houses the National Research Center of Pumps and Pumping System Engineering and Technology.

International Collaboration

JSU prioritizes internationalization by actively encouraging faculty members and students to further their studies abroad, inviting international talents to join us, ensuring mutual academic benefits for both parties, promoting international research collaboration, and recruiting talented overseas students.

JSU has set up cooperation partnerships with 221 universities in 58 countries, especially with academically renowned universities, namely the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Queensland, the Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Western Australia, the University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University, RWTH Aachen University, the University of Leeds, the University of Liverpool, the University of Padua, and universities of similar academic standing.

In 2020, JSU made a breakthrough in Chinese-Foreign joint education. Through the joint education program with Arcadia University (USA), 253 undergraduate students from Jiangsu University have been studying in the USA for a dual degree since 2012. Besides, in November 2020, with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Jiangsu University jointly established with Cranfield University (UK): The Jiangsu University Cranfield Tech Futures Graduate Institute (JSU-CU Institute). As JSU’s first Chinese-Foreign joint education institute, JSU-CU institute marks a new level and solidifies JSU’s commitment to offering high-level academic opportunities for students and enabling students to earn an international master’s or doctoral degree.

JSU has also signed double degree program agreements with a number of universities from the USA, Australia, UK, and France. For example, more than 200 undergraduates in 2021 enrolled in double degree programs in Mechanical Engineering, English, Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science and Technology, and New Energy Science and Engineering offered jointly with the following universities: Northern Arizona University, California State University - San Bernardino, the University of Queensland, Macquarie University, and the University of New South Wales.

JSU has several international scientific research platforms, such as the International Joint Research Center for Health Management on Key Structure of High-End Equipment (North Carolina State University, USA, and National Research Council, Canada), the International Cooperative Research Center for Fluid Engineering Equipment Energy-Saving Technology (National Advanced Engineering Technology University from France and Technical University of Kaiserslautern from Germany, and the University of Manchester from UK). These two platforms were approved by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology respectively in 2016 and 2017.

Several major and key international scientific research joint projects have been established, namely the 2017 Sino-Thailand Cooperation Project-Basic Research on the Preparation and Application of High-Grade Biofuels based on Process Enhancement, the 2018 Sino-American Cooperation Project - Research on Positioning, Gradient, Long-Acting Drug Delivery System and its Repair of Spinal Cord Injury of 3D Bionic Printing and the 2018 Sino-American Cooperation Project-Cooperative Research on the Creation of Catalytic Infrared Emitter and Processing Technology of Agricultural Products.

JSU attaches great importance to international multilateral cooperation and has initiated many global alliances to promote study and research. JSU is the first "Rotating Chair and Permanent Secretariat” of the Jiangsu side of the Jiangsu-UK World-Class University Consortium and the Chair of the International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering.

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