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Foundation Education

Prepare for your college study in a dynamic, supportive environment. JSU offers non-credit pre-university courses, and are designed as refresher courses for students who need improvement in the subjects considered essential for related first-year courses at JSU. In the end of the course, students who wish to take bachelor degree courses at JSU will have to apply for “Admission Entrance Exam for Overseas Students”. Students who score well in this exam will be admitted to the next intake for bachelor degree students. Subjects: Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; English.

Mathematics:Pre-U Mathematics course is built on a core set of educational aims to prepare basic-level learners for university admission. Throughout this course, learners are expected to develop two parallel strands of mathematics: pure mathematics and a positive attitude towards an understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes.

Physics:This course covers the topics essential for first year university physics. Successful completion of this course fulfills the University admission requirements where high school Physics is necessary.

Chemistry:The main objectives are of making students complete basic foundations in chemical reagent, chemical reactions and the rules that govern chemical reactions, and become familiar with the scope, methodology and applications of modern chemistry.

English:This is a foundation English course for pre-university students. Since some students may be less qualified in English, which will influence their study and communication if they are enrolled. This course is open to equip them with basic English knowledge and skills.

Course Outline

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Sample Exam Paper

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