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Ms. Wang Limin, Secretary of OEC CPC Branch

In charge of CPC affairs. Responsible for organization, publicity, united front, talent, Party affairs & administrative offices, alumni association, labor union, and assisting in human resource management.


Tel: +86-511-88786159

Prof. Wu Peng, Dean & Deputy Secretary of OEC CPC Branch

In charge of administrative work. Responsible for admission, human resource, finance, assets, the "the Belt and Road" International Talent College, the International Organization Talent College, and assisting in the management of party affairs.



Prof. Feng Chunlai, Vice Dean

Responsible for undergraduate education, graduate education, education on national conditions, international curriculum center, and assisting in admission.


Tel/Fax: +86-511-88783669

Mr. Wang Bin, Deputy Secretary & Vice Dean

Responsible for student affairs, assisting in publicity, alumni association, and security.


Tel: +86-511-88786957

Dr. Feng Cong, Vice Dean

In charge of non-degree education (including foundation and short-term programs, etc.), assisting in asset management, the "the Belt and Road" International Talent College, and the International Organization Talent College.


Tel: +86-511-88786803

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