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China Campus Network Scholarship for MBBS Standardized Entrance Test (SET) Takers

    China Campus Network is an association of leading universities in China, whose aim is to empower foreign students to make a global start to their future career by studying in the world’s most dynamic economy and a hub of investments and enterprises.

    The CCN provides services that can help students before, during, and after their studies in China. In order to get the privilege, students must pass the standardized entrance test (SET), which was developed to ensure high quality standards.

    The CCN Excellence Scholarship was established in 2016, and 20 candidates with high SET marks will be shortlisted and eventually 5 students will be chosen for the scholarship after interviews and further evaluation. The total amount of the scholarship is 30000 RMB per person. 

Anhui Tiankang Group Enterprise Scholarship

    Anhui  Tiankang  Group  is  one  of  the  top  500  private enterprises  in  China, with total investment of 2.6 billion RMB. The group is a limited liability company of thirty-five affiliates, including electronic vehicle, electrical cables, medical equipment just to name a few.

     The company is currently in close ties with JSU to encourage students to pursue internship programs, by joining the Anhui Tiankang Group research team and giving them chance to market the company’s products and services through cooperation with individuals and organizations in their home countries.

    The Tiankang group offers Excellent Market Reports Prize of 2000 RMB or above for students who accomplish the tasks assigned to interested students. 

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