Prof. GAO Jing, Dean of OEC

    Responsible for all OEC administrative affairs, mainly in charge of human resource, finance and International Education.

Prof. Gao studied at Nanjing University from 1984 to 1994 and received Ph.D, then joined the faculty of her Alma Mater. She went to UIUC (America) as a visiting professor from 1998 to 1999, transferred to School of Pharmacy Jiangsu University in 2006. She has conducted some Pharmacological research programs, and published 70 academic papers (about 30 of them were indexed by SCI). She has been granted 4 national patents and worked as the deputy dean of International Education Exchange College from Aug. 2008 to May 2011. 





Prof. XIE Zhifang, Chair of College Committee

Mainly in charge of international students Chinese promotion.

    Prof. Xie graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in English Education in August of 1988 from JiangsuUniversity and started to work for JSU since graduation. In 2005 he obtained his Master Degree in Laws from Nanjing Normal University. 

      He is now a PhD student of School of Management of JSU.

    Prof. Xie is the author or co-author of 3 books and published more than 30 academic papers. He is currently in charge of several national or provincial-level projects and had obtained many awards in the academic field.

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Tel: +86-511-88786957


Associate Prof. LI Xinchao, Vice Dean of OEC

Mainly in charge of CCP affairs, CCN Foundation Center, Administrative Office, Publicity

    Mr. Xinchao (Charles) Li, graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 1995, majoring in English Education. Mr. Li has been working at JSU ever since. He received his master degree in Literature in 2008 at JSU, published a number of academic papers and translation works, joined in research programs at diverse levels, and ever worked as coordinator for foreign teachers, and then as sectional chief with International Office. Since 2008, he has been actively involved in OEC's admission affairs and also visited Japan, Ghana, Germany, USA, Russia etc. He is a visiting scholar at New York State University (Albany) from Aug. 2015 to Aug. 2016.

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Tel/Fax: +86-511-88783669 


Zhaohui Cai, Vice Dean of OEC

Mainly in charge of students’ affairs and logistics affairs

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CUI Yong, Vice Dean, Executive Director

    In charge of executive administration, steer and supervise the training programs and strategic planning & development for postgraduate programs. Support the implementation of the enrollment and administration of postgraduate students, provide consult service and the coordination about the degree application between individual schools in which discipline set up, degree candidates and Graduate School.

    CUI Yong, male, Han Chinese, a native of Yancheng, Jiangsu, Ph.D. and Lecturer. He graduated from Jiangsu University in 2001 and got the Bachelor’s Degree in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, and graduated from Jiangsu University in 2013 and got the Ph.D. degree in Power Mechanical Engineering which was included in the first ranked discipline Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics. He used to be the vice president of the Student Union of Jiangsu province, the course teacher in school of Energy and dynamic engineering of Jiangsu University of science and technology. He was ever the CEO of a few enterprises. He used to be the captain of the international volunteer team to aid Guyana in scientific and engineering projects, and served in the President Office of Guyana.

    He was ever awarded the Chinese National Excellent and Typical Model Youth Volunteer Individual, third prize of competition on working skills as counselor in east China, second prize of the competition on working skills as counselor in Jiangsu province, Chinese national award nomination on Student of the Year, Jiangsu provincial award of Student of the Year, Jiangsu provincial good youth among residents, and so on.

    His research direction is alternative energy of the engine, utilization of the biodiesel in automobile engine, combustion and pollution control, and digital design of the automobiles and vessels. He has published over 15 journal papers and got 3 authorized patents relevant to engine or fuel. He participated in 3 National funded projects, 3 provincial projects and 1 project of large state-owned enterprise and government institutions. His research results have been adopted by enterprises and government institutions, helping them make decisions.

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Tel: +86-511-88786803


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