Entrance Exam for English Taught Bachelor Programs (2019 Spring)


Jiangsu University (JSU) offers 15 bachelor programs in English Medium for March intake 2019. Students who are already at Jiangsu University can apply through the University by taking entrance exams which are scheduled on 13 and 15, January, 2019.  


A.    Examinees: Students who wish to apply for JSU English-taught bachelor programs  

1.      Pre-University “Foundation Programs” students  

2.      Chinese language students  

3.      Students currently studying in China who hold visa which is valid till March 30


B.     Application Deadline:  

January 11, 2019 


C.     Application Procedure:  

1.     Students of JSU:  

a)       Download and fill Application for JSU Graduate’s New Admission at JSU  

b)       Download and fill Application for JSU entrance exam for English-taught bachelor programs 

c)       Apply for your target bachelor program through and get your  

       application number.  

d)    Fill the above forms and submit to JSU-OEC Admission Office (room 213-2) before January 11, 2019. (Provide your application number).  

e)      Receive your“Exam ticket” if your application gets accepted.  


2.     Students from other universities in China:  

a)       Get a“study certificate” from your university  

b)      Download and fill Application for JSU entrance exam for English-taught bachelor programs  

c)     Apply for your targeted bachelor program through and get your  

        application number  

d)       Fill the above forms and email to ( before January 11, 2019.  

       (Provide your application number).  

e)       Receive your“Exam ticket”by e-mail if your application gets accepted.  


D.   Exam Venue:  

Mathematics: G002; Chemistry:  G004; Physics: G006: English: G006, Graduate School.


E.    Exam Timetable:  

 indicates the test subjects you have to write. 

indicates that JSU Presidential scholarship is available for these programs. (10,000 CNY discount on the first year tuition) 


F.    Declaration of admission results: 

Results will be published on on January 20th 2019. Qualified students should come to the Admission office and finish admission procedures and people who are not qualified may apply for Foundation Program or finish leaving procedures before visa expiration.

G:   Entry Requirements:

      >60% in each subject of the entrance exams  


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