The Notice of Call On Paper for the 8th Sino-Foreign Post-graduate Academic Forum of Jiangsu University

We are glad to announce programs and schedules for the 8th Sino-Foreign Post- Graduates Academic Forum of Jiangsu University.

1.     Sub themes:

(i). Engineering IFoodMaterialChemical and Environment Engineering in "Double First-Class"

(ii). Engineering IIModern Agricultural Equipment: Intellectualization and Electrification

(iii).Engineering IIIIntelligent Manufacturing and New Energy Technology

(iv).Life and medicine: Develop Precision MedicineMaitain Life and Health

(v). Business and Finance: Intelligent Manufacturing and Management Innovation

(vi).Culture Exchange: Cultural Communication, Integration and Identification of values

2.     Details:  

Time:Nov.16,2018 to Dec.18 ,2018

                Venue: Conference center and Academic auditorium

             Forum language: English

3.     Objectives and Aims:

(i). Promote academic and cultural exchange among Chinese and international students.

(ii). Provide a forum to share scholarly research and findings

(iii). Facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges and discussions among scholars

(iv). Broaden the knowledge base and intellectual capacity of conference attendees.

(v). Act as a platform for multi-cultural exchanges while enhancing student’s public speaking and presentation skills.

(vi). Enhance the internationalization of the research faculty of Jiangsu University

(vii). Provide avenues for knowledge sharing of novel and innovative research as well as benefit from the scholarly experience of experts and professors in such fields.

(viii)Provide collaboration between other universities in china and abroad.

(ix). Attract inputs and active participation of post-graduate students and doctoral candidates in all schools, faculties and research of Jiangsu University and the province.

4.     Organization of schools:

Conveners : Due to the academic importance, rich history and success of previous Sino-Foreign Postgraduate Academic forum and the internationalization goal of the University and Overseas Education College , This year’s academic forum will be convened by major stakeholders in the University as indicated below :

5.     Host units:

Graduate School, Graduate Students' Affairs Department, Overseas Education College, Youth League Committee

 Sub forum

Undertaking unit

Co-operating unit


School of Food and Biological Engineering

School of Materials Science and Engineering

School of Environmental and Safety Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering


School of Electrical and Information Engineering

School of Agricultural Equipment Engineering

School of Computer Science and Communication Engineering

School of Science

School of Civil Engineering


School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering

School of Energy and Power Engineering

Research Center for Fluid Machinery Engineering


 School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

Institute of Life Sciences


School of Management

School of Finance & Economics

Institute of Science and Technology Information


School of Marxism

School of Foreign Languages

School of Law

School of Liberal Arts

School of Arts

School of Education

6.     Participants:

Participants are welcomed from all disciplines, schools and other universities. Key participants comprises of Chinese and foreign postgraduate and doctoral students of Jiangsu University, expert scholars/teachers.

7.     Manuscript Submission Guidelines

(i).Content: It should be easy to understand, enhancing knowledge sharing in different subjects and achieving a win-win situation.

(ii).Authorship: The first author of the research work should be master or Ph.D candidate, supervisor or a professor and can represent themselves or their university latest research developments.

(iii).Originality: It should present a novel idea and adopt a scientific research approach. It also should be concise, creation and must be original. Such works must have not been presented /published in any conferences, journals and academic forum. It should also be in conformity with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

8.     Content and requirements of the forum

Abstract submission:

Participants taking part in cultural exchange sub-forum must submit English abstracts to the respective school for initial evaluation. If it’s chosen for oral presentation you have to submit the whole paper within the specified time frame.

Participants taking part in Engineering, Life and medicine and Business sub-forum must submit their whole paper to the respective faculty.

For the template of full text and text specifications, see Annex 1, Annex 2

Oral presentation: The school or faculty recommends and selects outstanding papers that could take part in presentation. Experts will be invited to comment on the report.

Poster display: Poster exhibitors must prepare posters to win “Best Poster” award which are selected by voting.

Experts will evaluate oral presentations.

9.     Schedule Arrangement and Timelines

Cultural exchange sub forum-Abstract deadline October 19th

Manuscript Submission deadline for selected candidates: November 2nd

Opening Ceremony: November 16th

Sub forum held time: November 16th to December 5th

Closing ceremony of the forum and AwardsDecember 19th

Please submit your paper to your own school.

The template of papers,please see the attechment.

10. Awards

The forum will select awards such as Excellent Organization Award (40% of the total number of participating colleges), Excellent Thesis Award, Best Oral Presentation Award (30% of the total number of oral presentations), Best Poster Presentation Award (30% of the total number of wall presentations), and award certificates of honor and awards.

11. Participation rights and interests

(i).Graduate students who have been awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award will make recommendations to the International Department if they wish to participate in academic exchanges among the three universities.

(ii).This academic forum is free of cost.

(iii).Postgraduates of Jiangsu University who have won the Best Oral Presentation Award, if their subject is Jiangsu Province's advantageous discipline, will be fully funded by the discipline to participate in an academic conference held abroad and approved by the discipline. Participants or his supervisor should be the first author of the research work, and paper must be accepted by the conference.

(iv).Postgraduates of Jiangsu University, who are awarded excellent thesis awards, if their subject is a superior discipline of Jiangsu Province, will be half-financed to participate in an academic conference held abroad and approved by the discipline. Participants or his supervisor should be the first author of the research work, and paper must be accepted by the conference.

12. Other requirements

(i).Please appoint a contact person to report to the International Education Office of the Graduate School before October 10th

(ii).The number of papers required for academic participation is detailed in Annex 3. Colleges and universities should be encouraged to mobilize the Chinese and foreign postgraduates to actively contribute to the six major sub forums.

(iii).Papers need to be examined and signed by the tutor.


The template of abstract

The template of main body

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