For September Graduation PG student:Notice on the Awarding Graduate Degree to the second batch in 2018


On June 2016,Degree Committee decided that since 2016, a school degree committee has been added to the school every year i.e at the end of September. In order to ensure a good job in the degree awarding of postgraduate degrees at the end of September 2018, the following steps must be undertaken:


All Postgraduates' Dissertations must be tested for academic misconduct in academic dissertations before they are sent for Defense (specific requirements are detailed in Annex 1). Taking into account the needs of summer students, the time to submit dissertation for academic misconduct is arranged from 25 to 26 July at 9:00-11:00 a.m., 14:30-16:30 p.m.


During the academic semester, the time for submitting dissertation is every Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.

 Time to submit dissertation during summer is:

海外教育学院 Overseas Education College(215):

725-26日上午 25 July and 26 July Morning 9:00-11:00,下午 Afternoon 14:30-16:30 [Evaluation of documents,check note for futher information]

研究生院 Graduate School515):727-28号 27 July and 28 July上午Morning 9:00-11:00,下午Afternoon 14:30-16:30[Submission of Dissertation]


In order to ensure the timely defense of the postgraduate dissertation, the deadline for the approval of this batch of doctoral dissertations for approval is  July 28th. The deadline for submission of the master's thesis for approval is set to be September 2nd.


A postgraduate thesis submitted for defense after the deadline for approval is submitted to the postgraduate's degree paper, whose "blind trial" is handled  normally, but in principle this batch does not accept the application of author's degree.


The defense time of postgraduate dissertations should be determined after receiving the opinions of postgraduate dissertations and must fulfill the requirements for defense. Failure to comply with the provisions of this article will not ensure that thesis defense is carried out on schedule.


It is particularly emphasized that if dissertation opinions and comments do not fulfill the requirements, the defense of a dissertation is invalid




The forms to be submitted are attached to the annexure.


Documents to be prepared for evaluation:

a.         Application form to submit disseration[soft and hard copy]

b.         Basic information form[soft and hard copy,please make sure your personal information,your name,birthday,major]

c.         Dissertation information form[It is mandatory to fill Chinese and English title of the thesis ][soft and hard copy]

d.        Handbook[Must be filled and signed]

e.         Transcript[2 hard copies]

If you have not applied for transcript yet, please apply your transcript between 2 July and 6 July (Monday to Friday) and follow the steps:


Academic misconduct and approach to the results of Postgraduate dissertation.

For master:1.Application form to submit disseration  2. Basic information form 3.Dissertation information form

For PHD:1.Application form to submit disseration 2.Basic information form 3.Dissertation information form

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