Notice on the 2018 Annual Top Ten Teachers Online Voting

It is time to vote for the best teachers in 2018, all undergraduate students are required to vote for your beloved teachers. The voting period will start from April 13th and end on April 23th, 2018, the process is as follows:

Step 1 Open the information portal of Jiangsu University at

Step 2 Enter your campus card number and password (for students log in for the first time, the password is your campus card number) then click the “登陆”enter) button. 


Step 3 Modify your personal information if this is your first login, only those marked with the asterisk are required, such as . The figure below will help you (Please go to Step 4 directly if you have logged in before).


Click the “保存”(save) button to save the information.

The password protection questions are as follows:

Step 4  Enter the home page of “Information portal”,  you will see the “海外十佳”(top ten teachers of overseas students) button at the right side of the page, click it to enter.


5.  Vote for your favorite TWO teachers, then click “submit”. (If you select wrongly, you can click “alter” to clear the selection and vote again, then click “submit”.)


Note: Students who do not participate in this will not be entitled to any scholarship.  

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