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   Remember the JSU team winning the 3rd China Exploration? Their excellent skills and coordination in the "orienteering" part of the competition gave them a great chance to win overall 1st position in Jiangsu and S.E.China Level and 3rd in the Nationals

    Organized by Jiangsu Province Peoples' Association for Friendship With Foreign Countries, there is an ORIENTEERING COMPETITION for foreigners of Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu University is now looking for the JSU team (4 boys and 4 girls). This vacation, we will train all interested students and choose the JSU team.

What is Orienteering?

    Orienteering is an interesting sports event where participants use the map and reach all the "spots" in the shortest time to win. Orienteering usually takes place in forests, suburbs and urban parks, as well as in University campuses. Orienteering originated in Sweden and was originally a military sport.  Orienteering also includes tasks at the "spots" that are to be accomplished before continuing to next spot.


Students who are selected in the competition on Feb. 20th will be further trained to attend the Jiangsu Province Competition in March, 2019. Excellent performers may also have a chance to join the JSU team for China Exploration next year.

Orienteering Training is Organised by

Jiangsu University - International Students Sports Association (ISSA)

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