The Second International Student Essay Competition! Send your Essay to OEC!

  • In order to present the outstanding achievements during the “Reform and Open-up” in the past 40 years, as well as to learn the perception and insight about great changes and developments in China from the perspective of international students and alumni of Chinese universities, Ministry of Education in China has authorized Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE) to hold an essay competition for international students. With the hope of enriching your experience in China and promoting cultural exchange among international students from different parts of the world, CSCSE invite you to participate in this meaningful and exciting event, we need to collect your essay now!
  • Participants: International students living in China and alumni graduated from Chinese universities.
  • Requirement:

        (1). The topic of the essay should be centered around your wonderful experience and beautiful memories in China, which could reflect some of the great changes and developments during the "Reform and Open-up”in the past 40 years in China. A variety of changes in society, the economy, the culture and the daily life in China between“now”and the“past”could be described from your own perspective. Difference between your previous knowledge about China and your personal experience here could also be explored in your writing.

         (2). There is no restriction on the genre. The essay must be written in Chinese and the length should not exceed 800 Chinese characters.

           (3). You are encouraged to send us photos taken during your stay in China as attachments to the essay. Please provide a brief introduction about the photos.

  • Deadline: July 6, 2018. Please send your essay to this email ( before the deadline with your name, nationality, program and at least 3 photos during your stay in China.
  • Rewards: All submitted essay will be reviewed by a professional panel. Outstanding essays will be published as a book, and some of them maybe published in newspapers or magazines. Authors of the first-, second-, and third prized essays will receive awards.


Looking forward to seeing your work!

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