The25th International “Tri-U” Joint Seminar & Symposium in Thailand

The 25th Tri-U International Symposium is going to be hosted by Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Jiangsu University Delegation is offering two positions for International students. 

Details are as follows:

1. Themes:   Population(Children),Food, Energy, Environment and Sustainable Society

Date:      November 4, 2018 to November 8, 2018

Venue:    Chiang Mai University, Thailand

2. Conditions for Participation:

a. Undergraduate students admitted in 2015 (MBBS should be admitted in 2014)and postgraduate students admitted in 2017.

b. Good moral character and conduct.

c. Love Jiangsu University, high overall quality, strong organizational concept.

d. Good academic record. Undergraduate applicants should be winner of 2nd -class Excellence Scholarship or above; Postgraduate applicants course grade shall not be less than 70% (or rank first 50% of class if less than70%).    

e. Good English Language proficiency. 

f. Interested participants should prepare and submit their paper based on the theme.

g. Applicant with art expertise is preferred 

3. Application and Review Process.

a. Submission: Interested participants submit their completed applications to the class teacher or and supervisors sign off the paper and entries.

b. Shortlisting: The submitted applications and supporting documents are reviewed and successful applicants shortlisted.

c. Internal interview: Short-listed applicants are to make a 5 minutes power-point presentation of their submission during the Interview in OEC.

e. Publicity: OEC announces the names of shortlisted winners

The University would sponsor the successful winners. International students who are interested should start to prepare their submissions as soon as possible.

Submission Deadline: 20.3.2018  

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17th January, 2018

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