【Notice】Recruitment of Dormitory Assistants

In order to provide better dormitory services to overseas student and further enhance the safety and management of dormitory apartments, a number of overseas student assistants are publicly recruited in the whole college to assist the reception. The details are as follows:

Job Description:

Daily check:

1. Assist in registration of visits by the opposite sex at the reception and supervise compliance with the specified two hours visiting time (Visiting time are within 10.00am to 8.00pm and Chinese and non school students are prohibited from entering dormitories);

2.Assist the reception to communicate with overseas students(Ability and willingness to practice and speak Chinese is important).

3.Cooperate with the Receptionist and handle students daily problems and communication issues ;

4.Students' disciplines of violation rules (such as noise);

5.Whether the kitchen is cleaned or not, the laundry room is forbidden to wash the quilt,blanket ,shoes and so on;

6.Leaving or returning late night is prohibited

7.Discourage students from parking at the door of the dormitory(except specified place);

Working Conditions

Working Time: Monday to Friday: 11:30-13:30; 18:00-23:00; weekend: 6:00-23:00.( This time bands must not conflict with students classes and studies)

Working Place: duty room of dormitory apartment.

Salary and Treatment: ¥10 per hour for undergraduate students,

    ¥12 per hour for master and PHD students

Please attend the interview at G6 next Monday at two o'clock If you are interested in this position.

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