【Notice】Update | Regulations on Dormitory Visiting Hours

Dear Students,

After receiving concerns from the student representatives (of student associations), OEC decided to make the following ammendments to 【Notice】Regulations on Managing Male and Female Students Dormitories :

Male students can enter C8/9 and Female students can enter C7 ONLY during the visiting hours. 

Visiting time : 10:00 am to 20:00 pm
Duration: no more than 2 hours/person/day 

* Visitors need to submit their identification card (campus card, student ID book or passport) at the reception desk and register in the visitors book. 
* Visitors should leave the dorm with-in two hours after entry. 
* Visitors should not stay after 8 PM.
* Visitors who failed to submit the ID proof will be denied from entering the dorm.

Should you have any emergency or special case to enter the dorm beyond the visiting hours, please get the permission from student affairs office.

Students who stay beyond the visiting time limit or did not leave after 8 PM would be given a serious warning.
Students who do not register or register fake information will also be given a serious warning and be black listed to enter the dorm of opposte sex.



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