A&W Scholarship Application for 2017 Autumn Semester

Dear students 

The 2017 Autumn A&W Scholarship Application for registered students is available now. It is open to the registered students who have made significant progress in their studies and contributed positively to the International student community. 

1. Application Procedures and Conditions

All applicants should download and fill out the attached application form and submit to their class teacher. Please check the following details:

A. Applicants should demonstrate love for China and Chinese culture, with good academic achievements, good morality, contribution to OEC and students, obeying rules of OEC and Overseas Apartment, without any OEC punishments and must not have failed any subjects in the last term. 

B. Applicants with serious financial problems will be given priority. 

2. Note

A. This company scholarship is not compatible with Chinese Government Scholarship, Chinese Government Self-funded Students Scholarship, and Jiangsu Provincial Jasmine Scholarship.

B. Students who won A&W scholarship last term are not qualified this time. Students in the first or the last academic year are also not qualified this time.

3. Scholarship Amount: the total of RMB¥5, 000/person 

4. Application Materials: 

A. Paper Application Materials: The application form of AnxinWeiguang (A&W) Flooring Company Scholarship(Attachment). Your personal information should be computer filled and printed off. If the space is not enough, write on a blank sheet and attach it to the form. 

B. The personal summary of your study, school life and activities. 

C. A story between you and AnxinWeiguang (A&W) Flooring Company or other Chinese company. (A simple introduction of the company is not enough; please write down your own story or opinion towards the company.) Any plagiarized information will lead to a rejection.

D. Transcript of 2nd term of 2016—2017 academic year (printed screenshot only) 

All contents should be done on the computer and printed off. 

5. The Selection Process: 

A. Please finish the application before November 20th, students should submit application materials to the corresponding OEC class teachers. 

B. Before November 30, OEC will evaluate and select. 

C. During December 4 to 7, OEC will publicize the winners and accept reasonable objection from any other students. 

After publicity, the final winners will be awarded the scholarship. If you have any questions, please come timely to your Overseas Education College class teacher for further help and advice.   

Attachment:Application Form

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