Notice on Selection of Excellent Dormitory for International Students

Dear students,

To enrich your social life, OEC is launching a selection of excellent dormitory. You have the opportunity to beautify and clean your dormitory. Both the unity and cooperation among roommates will be enhanced in this activity. With appropriate imagination, students could decorate their dormitory with identification of their countries, yet not damage the hard surface of the dormitory.

. Selection contents

1. Sanitation of dormitory: in accordance with the apartment management requirements strictly and keep the dormitory clean and tidy;

2. Public property: Dormitory members should take good care of public property consciously, have no uncivilized behavior, and take active participation in the construction of dormitory civilization.

3. Law-abiding: dormitory members should abide by national laws, regulations and regulations of OEC; 

4. Cultural construction: members in dormitory are positive, love Chinese and Chinese culture, show your country cultural characteristics;

5. Team spirit: dormitory members have a good relationship, and maintain the honor of dormitory, class and college consciously.

Ⅱ. Selection procedures

1. Submit the application form. Students can download and fill the excellent dormitory selection application form, then submit it to Ms. Cao in OEC 213 office before 15th, Nov.

2. Take 2 or 3 photos of your room, named as student ID number + room number (eg. 5111700182+C7-314) and send to Email address: before 15th, Nov.

3. OEC will conduct the preliminary screening by students application forms and photos, and show the selected the photos on OEC WeChat platform for public voting.  The result of the vote is counted in the total score.

4. OEC will establish a committee to rank rooms, including all applied rooms and other randomly selected rooms.

5. The result will be announced publicly and excellent dormitories will be awarded.

Ⅲ. Reward and punishment rules

1. According to the overall ranking, there will be 10% first prize, 15% second prize and 20% third prize. All excellent dormitories will be awarded certificates and money, the amount of the award is: 500RMB for first prize, 300RMB for second prize, 200RMB for third prize.

2. Students who earn excellent dormitories can offset the deducted points due to violations in the past three months. The first prize is offset by 5 points, the second prize is offset by 3 points and the third prize is offset by 1 point.

3. Point lower than 70 is considered disqualified and dormitories will be warned to maintain cleanliness.

Ⅳ. Other matters

1. All excellent dormitories will be the demonstration dormitories, please keep it pleasant long-term. If any problem is detected after the selection, the qualification of participating in the selection of excellent dormitory will be canceled.

2. The dormitory that is randomly selected without the student's active application, does not participate in the excellent dormitory evaluation.

Attachment:Excellent Dormitory Selection Application Form

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