Notice on Regulations of Dormitory Change for International Students

1. In order to standardize the management and put resources to rational use, all rooms in Overseas Apartments will become double rooms since September 2017;

2. Students in single accommodation must combine with each other. Students who complete all room-changing procedures will receive a relocation fee of CNY 50. Students who are not actively combining with each other will be randomly arranged by OEC according to availability. Students are not allowed to refuse new roommates for any reason and must prepare the residence for new roommates;

3. Students who apply for dormitory change must have legitimate and objective reasons, including:

   (1) Dormitory facilities are naturally damaged or a non-human failure, and   cannot be repaired in a long-term period which influenced students’ normal life;

   (2) Roommates have big differences in living habits due to different religious beliefs, so that students cannot live in the same dormitory.

4. Process of dormitory change

   (1) Fill the Application Form of Changing Room and submit it to student affairs office. If the room-change is due to dormitory damage, student must attach a room description letter signed by Overseas Apartment.

   (2) Student affairs office will check the application forms and approved applications will be informed within 2 working days.

   (3) Approved students continue to complete the application process and move out of the dormitory within 3 days, otherwise the application form is invalid.

5. Other affairs

   (1) Students will be punished according to the relevant provisions if found to change the room without authorization from OEC;

   (2) The difference of accommodation expenses arising from the room change shall be checked and returned by the Overseas Apartment. North-facing rooms are 4500RMB/year, south-facing rooms are 4900RMB/year, suite room is 7000RMB/year (suite room is arranged by students application order).

   (3) Suite rooms including: C7-320, C7-420, C7-520, C7-620, C8-114, C8-214, C8-316, C8-416, C8-516, C8-616, C9-111, C9-211, C9-313, C9-413, C9-513, C9-613.

If students living in above suite rooms need to move to another room, please finish all room changing procedures before 6th Sep. Students who do not move out from suite rooms will be charged 7000RMB/year as accommodation fee.

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