Notice on the Selection of Outstanding Master and Doctoral Graduates

The selection of outstanding Master and Doctoral graduates now begins. The details of the application are as follows:

1. Requirements:

(1) Master students and doctoral students who will graduate in June, 2020;

(2) Love Chinese and Chinese culture;

(3) Comply with Chinese laws and regulations as well as the school rules and regulations, and have no disciplinary records;

(4) Good morality;

(5) Excellent academic achievements, and good scientific research capabilities;

(6) Active participation in various activities organized by schools and departments;

(7) The average score of the thesis should be no less than 80 points with a minimum score of 75.

2. Materials submitted:

(1) Application Form for Outstanding Master and Doctoral Graduates 

(2) Copies of relevant supporting materials

3. Deadline:

Please send the digital version of the application materials to the class teacher before June 1st. And all the class teachers make the first round selection and send the qualified candidates’ material together to before June 4th.

All the materials should be packed in one zip/ rar file, and name the file as “Student ID+ Name”. All the materials should be complete and sent timely, otherwise it won’t be accepted.


Attachment: Application Form for Outstanding Master and Doctoral Graduates

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