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    In response to the call of President Xi Jinping "Tell Chinese story, spread Chinese voice" and strengthen the overseas students' love for China,  essay Contest themed "My story in China" is being held by International Talent Magazine, Apocalypse Academic Assessment Research Institute and Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA.

    Share your China Dream, prepare the article during the vacation and get a chance to get your articles posted on big media such as Peoples' daily, China Daily etc. In order to submit the high-quality essay, preliminary is held by OEC. Following are the requirements:

一、参赛人员 Participants


All overseas students and alumni of Jiangsu University.

二、参赛要求 Requirements


The essay must be written in English. Also, it shall be original and shall not violate relevant Chinese laws and regulations.


Topic: “Intercultural Communication” or “My Story in China”.

(You can choose either topic for your essay)

3)字数:1500—3000字。欢迎使用清晰度较高的相关图片1—3张,并对图片作简要文字说明。Recommended length: 1,500-3,000 words.

You are encouraged to submit 1-3 pictures in high resolution and give each of them brief introductions.


You are encouraged to submit a Chinese translation (optional) of your essay at the same time.

5)作品发表或出版:优秀作品将有机会在《国际人才交流》杂志、《中国日报》《人民日报海外版》等发表,并有机会结集出版Publication of works: Excellent works can be published in International Talent, China Daily, People's Daily Overseas Edition, etc.


International Talent Magazine has the right to edit and publish on newspapers, magazines, books and networks.


三、作品提交 Submission


Please email your works to 358724239 before February 22nd, 2019. Email Title (subject) should be “My China Dream + Student ID + Name”. OEC will select the best articles and submit to the organizers.

四、奖项设置 Awards


Winners will be announced at the end of March 2019.

1. 一等奖5名。颁发荣誉证书,奖励人民币500元或等值奖品,并将作品提交全国征文大赛。

3 first-prize winners will be awarded a certificate and RMB 500 or equivalent prizes. The Essay will be submitted to the national essay contest.

2. 二等奖10名。颁发荣誉证书,奖励人民币300元或等值奖品。

10 second-prize winners will be awarded a certificate and RMB 300 or equivalent prizes.

3. 三等奖20名。颁发荣誉证书,奖励人民币200元或等值奖品

20 third-prize winners will be awarded a certificate and RMB 200 or equivalent prizes.

4. 优秀奖30名。颁发荣誉证书。

30 excellent articles will be awarded a honorary certificate. 

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