The African graduate students of Jiangsu University enter the Chinese enterprises in Summer social practice to boost the cooperation of China-Africa

On the eve of the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit, the “2018 Jiangsu University’s International students that are studying in China Summer Skills Training and Enterprise Visiting Practice” project was successfully launched.  The project relies on the members of Jiangsu University's “Belt and Road” international talent training industry association, and exerts the advantages and industry influence of Jiangsu University's agricultural equipment discipline. It is organized and implemented by the “One Belt, One Road” International Talent College of Jiangsu University. The college has selected 60 African students with an aim to enable international students master international market skills, perceive China, cultivate international talents' Chinese sentiment, engineering awareness, engineering quality, engineering practice ability and engineering innovation ability, to improve the actual level of international talent theory, and to help Chinese enterprises enter Africa and warm up the China-Africa Summit which will help the people and smoothen trade.

African students received field workshops and online interactive tutoring including the Chinese agricultural machinery industry, Chinese workplace , resume skills, job search skills, workplace literacy in China, overseas market research skills by Jiangsu University teachers and Manpower experts of Wanbao Shenghua (China) Group. During the period, international students entered the Shanghai Electric Group, Jiangsu Yueda Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Nonghua Intelligent Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Longshun Metal Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Tiankang Group, Zhenjiang Tianlu Glasses E-commerce Co. Ltd., and technology-based companies. They visited the production and development field, experience the charm of China's science and technology development and they had a face-to-face communication with the enterprise marketers, technical experts, and frontline engineers. At the same time, the teachers explained online to international students the products and the overseas market of China Yituo Group, Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Wuzheng Group, Shanghai Huawei Agricultural Water Saving Irrigation Company and how they can enter these enterprises in the later stage.

Among them, Jiangsu Yueda Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in distributing corporate apparel for international students, set up an overseas market research competition, and set up a second and third prize. It is hoped that international students will use their own strengths and exercise themselves according to the advantages of their country. Contribute to China-Africa industrial economic exchanges.

The participants have said that through this practical activity, they have seen the "stunning bit" of China's technology industry and emerging industries. These enterprises are in the forefront of the world in terms of technological progress and development. One must have a deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge of his major if he hopes to participate in the enterprise technical training. At the same time, they also learned about the applicable technology that is very suitable for developing countries such as African countries, have a full product awareness for the later research on the international market of Chinese products, and have a clearer understanding of the future career development plan. African international students expressed their willingness and made active efforts by providing advice and suggestions, by providing practical support and help, to use their own local resources and professional knowledge to let Chinese companies enter to African .

At the same time, various companies also welcomed the arrival of international students and hope that through more diversified forms, the cooperation with Jiangsu University will deepen and jointly contribute to the cultivation of international talents needed for China's industry to go global!

This summer’s social practice and visit, is one of the series Summer Training Camp activities of the International Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Innovation course. It aims to organize African students perceive China's industry, so that these international students can better understand the achievements of China's urban reform, open up industrial upgrading, and love the vibrant China. At the same time, let students form an intuitive feeling of innovation and entrepreneurship, and enhance the vision of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the future, the “One Belt, One Road” International Talent College of Jiangsu University will continue to improve the international talent innovation training and business incubation service system by integrating the advantages of agricultural equipment disciplines, integrating more high-quality dual-creation resources, serving the school's innovation and entrepreneurship education, and serving the China-Africa cooperation. Supporting the dreams of the Chinese and African people, and helping China and Africa join hands to embark on a new journey.