"Witness FOCAC Beijing, Ready to join the Cooperation"---Jiangsu University Organizes African Postgraduates to Watch the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Summit of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation and have an Interview with the Xinhua News Agency

On the evening of 3 September, The Overseas Education College of Jiangsu University and the International Talent Institute of Belt and Road have just participated in the summer practice and experienced first-hand the current status of the China-Africa industrial cooperation. The Forum was broadcasted live on the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summit of the African Cooperation Forum. They were from the school of traffic and automotive engineering, school of mechanical engineering, school of Environmental science and safety engineering, school of Agricultural Equipment, School of Management, School of Finance and Economics, School of Foreign Language and other different schools. The participants took notes. The Leaders of Jiangsu University B & R Alliance between Industry and University for Education and Cultivation International Talents, Overseas Education college, College for B & R International Talents  also participated in the event.



Chairman Xi Jinping delivered an important speech, comprehensively expounded China to strengthen the new concept and new ideas with Africa, announced that China's new action on cooperation in Africa, the new measures will focus on China and Africa in industrial development, infrastructure, trade and investment, human resources development, science, education, culture and health, ecological and environmental protection, and peace and security Cooperation in the field.


After the meeting, the present members of Jiangsu University, in conjunction with their participation in the practice of international talent summer business, launched a warm discussion and accepted the Xinhua News Agency reporters' online interview.


Rakhwe kama, a graduate student in environmental science and engineering from Senegal, said: " We, as students, should learn from both sides of the summit and achieve a win-win situation. The summit is a new opportunity for joint investment. President Xi Jinping proposed to support Africa to achieve food security by 2030. We will implement 50 agricultural assistance projects, send 500 senior agricultural experts to Africa, and cultivate China-Africa agriculture, such as young leaders in agricultural scientific research and leaders of farmers' wealth cooperation in mechanization and industrialization. The future of such cooperation will be based on contacts and cooperation between young people. I am very glad to be able to serve as an overseas student at Jiangsu University who is good at agricultural mechanization. In the future, he will have the opportunity to participate in China-Africa cooperation in agricultural modernization."

Nyasha, a master of Arts in foreign languages from Zimbabwe states that "The integration of China and Africa is indeed a great and noble vision".  President Xi Jinping stressed that we should cooperate, open, inclusive. He promised to share common responsibilities between China and other relevant countries. The forum will be another opportunity for China and Africa. In addition, China is committed to green development in Africa and provides vocational training for African youth in 10 areas of cooperation. It will build a more peaceful and secure Africa.

Oluwatobi, a graduate student in mechanical engineering from Nigeria also believes that President Xi Jinping has put forward a lot of new ideas and initiatives, and is committed to pragmatic cooperation between China and Africa. With the commitment-driven and strong African cooperation and friendship between China and Africa, the implementation of the content of the speech will be more convenient, and he hopes that the new eight major cooperation leaders of China and Africa that you all hope for domain direction. President Xi Jinping announced that $60 billion of new investment will be invested in health industries, green economy, security, trade and other new opportunities. Difficulties will be overcome with this unity and cooperation. With the financial support and drive of both sides, the next strategic cooperation arrangements in investment, trade, infrastructure, cultural exchanges, education, peace and other areas will be made. The plan is great and wise. In 2015, the results of the ten major areas of cooperation between China and Africa and the new initiatives in the field of eight China-Africa cooperations will bring the better partnership to the people of both sides, friendship, and youth relations, create a win-win situation.

Samuel Wilson from Ghana offering Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Jiangsu University, Said: he wants to thank the Government of China in showing great interest in developing Africa and to be precise my country (Ghana). The relationship between these two countries continues to grow day in day out which is a good thing. He hopes this relationship continues and China helps and gives opportunities to Africans especially Ghanaians who work and study in China. This is because we have opened our arms wide in accepting the Chinese community in our countries (with respect to working and doing business) but not being reciprocated equally on the other side.  He believes as time goes on things will improve and be better. He has gotten the opportunity to visit some companies who aid in developing Africa mostly in the agriculture sector and medical fields. examples of such a companies are the "TIANKANG GROUP OF COMPANIES" located in Anhui province, the Jiangsu Yueda Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai Electric Group, Jiangsu Nonghua Intelligent Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd, Zhenjiang Longshun Metal Technology Co., Ltd, Danyang Tianlu Glass online Business Co., Ltd. They have shown great interest in investing in the African community and my appreciation goes to them. He prays a lot of companies and industries also take these steps to foster a lasting relationship. Long live GHANA, Long live CHINA, long live AFRICA Long LIVE Friendship between China and Africa.

Dr. Banwo, a graduated from Nigeria with a doctorate in management science and engineering and currently working as the first African staff member at Jiangsu University, thinks that "African presidents have come to China, but the world is very concerned about how China can strengthen its ties with Africa," As part of China's commitment to enhance China-Africa ties, Chairman Xi Jinping announced the establishment of 10 services in Africa in order to enhance research and cooperation capabilities and enhance the level of cultural exchanges. Two workshops on vocational skills for African youth; support the establishment of the China-Africa innovation cooperation center aimed at promoting cooperation among young people in innovation and entrepreneurship; implementation of the head goose program to train 1,000 elite talents in Africa; providing 50,000 Chinese government scholarships to Africa, providing 50,000 training places for Africa, and inviting 2,000 African young people to come to China for exchange. President Xi Jinping pointed out that youth is hope and the future of ECCAS. Speeches by African union presidents show that Africa is equally committed to China-Africa cooperation. President Xi Jinping's body language and speech are very passionate and infectious and we hope to implement various universities and institutions in Africa. The most important thing is, I am very happy that Chairman Xi Jinping announced the establishment of an African Innovation and Cooperation Center, and in this regard, my university, Jiangsu University, is also doing this work thoroughly. As a Ph.D. candidate in management science and engineering from Jiangsu University, he hopes to contribute to this work and he is very happy to experience this great event and he will continue to work hard for African education. China and Africa should communicate and make contributions to strengthening Sino-African cooperation.

Leaders attending the meeting fully affirmed their speeches and encouraged the students to foster a sense of cooperation and development in the Central African community and to have a good world outlook. We should actively learn from the spirit of this summit, study hard, work hard, and make full preparations for our future participation in China-Africa cooperation.


Up to now, there are nearly 1052 African students studying in Jiangsu University and 469 African graduates, relying on the platform of Jiangsu University Belt and Road Alliance between Universities and Industries for Education and Cultivation of International Talents. In July this year, President Yan Xiaohong was invited to participate in the Sino-African Cooperation Forum - think tank forum in Beijing. In August, the school and the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture promoted   a Zambian agricultural machinery training program. In early September, two foreign students were invited to attend a meeting of African presidents. Several African students have been sent to the Chinese Enterprises to investigate and promote the collaboration between China and Africa. It will provide a solid support for the integration of industry and education to contribute to China's wisdom by building a closer Sino-African Destiny Community.

                                     (Overseas Education College, Belt and Road   College of International Talents)