Vice Dean Cui Yong of the Overseas Education College was invited to attend the awarding ceremony of Jiangsu University-Longshun Joint Employment Entrepreneurship Practice Base

In order to implement the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Production and Education" of the General Office of the State Council, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League promoted the employment and entrepreneurship instructions for college students. On August 21, the Jiangsu University Youth League Committee and Zhenjiang Longshun Metal Technology Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation, held the awarding ceremony of the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base of the Youth League. Cui Yong, deputy secretary-general of Jiangsu University “One Belt and One Road” Alliance between Industry and Universities for Education and Cultivation International Talents and vice dean of the Overseas Education College, attended the awarding ceremony.



At the matchmaking meeting before the ceremony, Vice dean Cui Yong gave a detailed introduction to the history of Jiangsu University's internationalization work, the scale and quality of studying in China, the measures and achievements of international talent training, especially the “One Belt, One Road” international talent school-enterprise cooperation. The integration of production and education improves the quality of students, opens up market space, and guides the international talents based on the "China Opportunity", improves the demand and progress of the  Chinese and foreign students' innovation, practice and employability, and expresses his wish to start from the side and to do a good service for local enterprises in Zhenjiang.



Xue Weilong, the general manager of the company, said that the company has already tried its business in the Belt and Road. The country is in urgent need of international talents and will provide practical internship opportunities to help college students get professional experience in advance and cultivate skills in teamwork, active marketing and professional etiquette. Longshun will also arrange jobs, optimize the talent structure of the company, reserve talents for strategic transformation and full-service operations, and provide suitable job opportunities for international talents after graduation.

Zhenjiang Longshun Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the comprehensive aluminum industry enterprises with advanced technology and complete varieties and specifications, high-precision aluminum plate and foil production base and aluminum export processing base. The main business scope includes the research and development of new metal materials; the production of metal products, machinery and equipment, and agricultural machinery. In the near future, the international student enterprise practice teaching cooperation will be carried out as soon as possible.