China's Experience, Supporting Agricultural Machinery: Opening Ceremony of 2018 Foreign Aid Training by Jiangsu University For Management Cadres Of Agricultural Mechanization Held In Zambia

 On August 23rd  , the opening ceremony of the training course for management cadres in agricultural mechanization, jointly organized by Jiangsu University, Deutsche Group and the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture, was held in Lusaka.  The Minister of Agriculture of Zambia with Michael Khatambo, the Parliamentary Counsellor in Zambia, Lai Bo, Vice-Chancellor of Jiangsu University, Zhang Jijian, Chairman of Deyuan Group, and Li Tie, Chairman of Deyuan Group, were also part of the important guests who  attended the ceremony and gave a speech.  Aside these wonderful guests the audiences were also privileged by the presence of Professor Peter Lengu, acting Permanent Secretary, Zambian Ministry of Agriculture; Zhao Min, Director, Consular Department, Embassy of Zambia; Professor Li Zhongxing, Director, International Division, Jiangsu University; Professor Mao Hanping, Executive Director, Ministry of Agriculture; Professor Xu Ximing; and Professor Chen Shuren.



Zambia's agriculture minister gave some highlights about the agricultural sector in Zambia. Michael Katambo, affirmed that agriculture is Zambia's foundational and dominant industry and a major player in the national economy and it is also one of the Zambian government's key development industries. In recent years, the cooperation and exchange between China and Zambia in various fields has deepened and achieved remarkable results, especially in agricultural sector, and the prospects for cooperation between the two countries are very wide. China has been sharing its experience and technology in agricultural development with Zambia, encouraging agricultural enterprises to invest in Zambia, and has provided a great deal of assistance to Zambia in modernizing agriculture. He hopes that China will continue to support Zambia's agricultural development and help Zambia achieve its goal of agricultural modernization. Minister Khatambo also expressed his appreciation to the organizers of the training course for their desire to reach out to the grass-roots level for targeted teaching, to increase the productivity of farmers and to make Zambia more competitive in the international market.



Ambassador Lai Bo pointed out that Zambia has abundant natural resources and superior natural conditions and has great potential for development in the field of agriculture, while China has advanced agricultural technology and experience and is highly complementary to Zambian agriculture. Counselor Lai Bo believes that the training would bring tangible benefits to the local community and hopes that all participants would cherish the opportunity to achieve success, and wished this training course success.

He also said that early next month, President Lenguo will visit China for a second time, during which he will not only attend the Beijing summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, but also hold bilateral meetings with President Xi Jinping to discuss the cooperation plan between the two sides. He is confident that President Lenguo's visit to China will set a new blueprint for the future development of friendly and cooperative relations in various fields, open a broader platform for bilateral cooperation and bring more tangible benefits to both Chinese and Zambians.



Li Tie, chairman of Deyuan Group, highlighted the great contribution and the important role played as a high-quality supplier of local machinery and equipment and services of The Deyuan Group in helping Zambian farmers to realize agricultural mechanization and popularize agricultural practical technology while realizing self-development of enterprises. It has greatly increased local employment, improved agricultural modernization and promoted economic and social development. Li affirmed that the German dollar group will continue to work closely with the Zambian government to upgrade agricultural technology and help local farmers to increase agricultural production.


Vice President of Jiangsu University Zhang Jijian presents souvenir to Zambia's Minister of Agriculture, Michael Khatambo

The three-day training course, jointly organized by Jiangsu University ,the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and the German Yuan Group,Sponsored by Jiangsu University “Belt&Road” Allicance between Industry and Universities for Education and Cultivation International Talents ,ttracted a total of 34 agriculture ministry officials from 10 provinces across the country, They  not only learn advanced agricultural mechanization and irrigation technology and practical experience from outstanding professors from Jiangsu University, but also visited a Chinese agricultural enterprise headed by Deyuan Group.