Understanding "Governance of China"

    XI JINPING Governance of China II Book Discussion themed “Getting closer to China through – Xi Jinping’s Governance of China” by China Scholarship Council (CSC) students took place on the 15th April, 2018 at the Graduate building. The opening remarks were given by Mr. Ernest Bonnah and Dr. Ade who introduced the chief guests: JSU Overseas Education College Party Secretary Prof. Xie Zhifang, OEC Vice Dean Prof. Cai Zhaohui and the Chairperson of the discussion Prof. Yan from the JSU Marxist Institute.

  The book by Chinese President truly reflects the totality of the Chinese dream and emphasizes the importance of people. The book was referred to as “a door opener” and everyone was encouraged to “read and understand the book if you want to know more about China”. 

  The discussion and presentation session was done by four groups of CSC students with expert opinion given by Professor Yan at the end of each presentation with questions and contributions by the audience. Each group focused on knowledge sharing based on the assigned chapters and relating this to other countries.

Group 1 

Chapter: Socialist Rule of Law

Members: Koffi Aka Lucien, Ernest Bonah and Abdul Muhsin Zambang Mohammed

Summary: If there is no rule of law it would be impossible to implement economic strategies. 

Group 2

Chapter: Beautiful China

Members: Rajab Omary, Aisha Thompson and Frank Addai Peprah

Summary: Promote green ecological investment with the purpose of protecting life and conserving energy without damage to the environment. 

Group 3

Chapter: Peaceful Development and Cooperation with Other Countries

Members: Mahmud Abdul-Nazif, Kenny Anthony and Paulo Cardozo. 

Summary: Victory is ensured when we put our strength together and each country is responsible for ensuring a win-win situation.  

Group 4

Chapter: Belt and Road Initiative 

Members: Haroon Ur Rasheed, Noman Muhammad, Mutomb Elisee Kayemb and Erlan Tukhtanazarov

Summary: Connecting West and East through openness, inclusiveness, equality and mutual respect. 

  The student diversity made the discussions interactive and interesting coupled with the expert opinions of Professor Yan. The audience were informed that a bigger discussion session will be held for other students and more expert faculty invited to share their opinions.


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