OECians Participated in Chinese and Foreign Student Experience Exchange Workshop

On the 11th of April, 2017, students from International Students' Associations and the Chinese Student Association met in the Graduate school room 109 to experience and exchange different culture, ideas and friendship and it was dubbed “Experience Exchange Workshop for Chinese And International Students Leaders.

Ms. Cai Zhaohui, the Vice Dean of OEC participated in the Exchange program and made a brief statement as to the purpose of the exchange program and the way forward into the future in guiding the development of such event. Subsequently, the Chinese and the foreign student associations introduced themselves and had special activities and games to commemorate the day. In the process of free communication between Chinese and foreign students gave them a deeper understanding of the variety of meaningful, large-scale activities of the community, and the difficulties and problems encountered by students in this process. The students gave their opinions on the issue and the way forward. This exercise helped the students' oral expression ability and the reaction ability, and it also makes the evening atmosphere reaches the climax with excitement.

The seminar, to build a platform for Chinese and foreign students cadres to share the successful experience of excellent community, provided both sides face-to-face interaction opportunities, deepen understanding and enhance the friendship between Chinese and foreign students.

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