JSU Basketball Cup | Eagles Take 3rd Position

     On the weekends of March 24th to 25th and March 31st to April 1st the OEC Eagles took part in the JiangDa Basketball Cup, which is an annual basketball tournament in the university.

    During the group stage on the first weekend (March 24-25), the Eagles won two games and lost one. They won against 电气学院 and 文法学院 (48-2) and only lost by three baskets against 机械学院 (17-22). After becoming the second best team in group B, the girls team moved on to the quarter finals and won this game against 计算机学院, which was held on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon the girls had a tough game against 京江学院 (27-33) where they lost by only a few points. On Sunday afternoon, the Eagles had their final game and won by 35 to 27 points and for the first time in the Eagles’ history they become third in the annual basketball tournament, the highest rank the team has ever reached. 

    This year’s team was composed of undergraduate students in their first year up to fourth year and one master student. The OEC Vipers are also taking part in the Jiangda Basketball Cup 2018 and have played a total of three games of which they lost two, winning one. The Team will be playing their last game on the weekend of the 14th April, be there to support them.


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