OEC Organized ADJUSTABILITY SURVEY For 2017 Autumn Freshmen: Batch One

The Survey for 2017 Autumn Freshmen took place on 19th and 20th October for the undergraduates and postgraduates respectively between 18:30 and 20:30. The purpose of the survey was to care for the living and learning adaptability as well as providing better mental health services to new students enrolled in this semester.

The survey was computer-based and included filling of questionnaires relating to personal or interpersonal psychological and emotional issues on campus. Topics involved covered different aspects of students endeavour.

The OEC Psychology counselling centre, which is the main organising body for this participatory survey provided instructions clearly and appointed some members of the Peer Support Team (HeART) to help in the monitoring and supervision. This strategy led to smooth and effective exercise which ended successfully.

According to Miss Lu Yin, the counsellor of OEC, mentioned of this year’s improvement in participation and procedures which she said was a sign of progress and hoped, the results could be utilized in improving the living and study experience in JSU.

Some students also expressed their expectations before the survey and the experiences they had or went through during the survey. It was mind-blowing and we have a chance to look into ourselves, said some of them.

Students who registered in October and those who had some technical problems in taking part of the survey were informed to take theirs in November this year.

A total of 303 (148 undergraduates and 155 postgraduates)  freshmen finished the survey till now.


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