Taizhou Summer Class- An Unforgettable Experience

‘Awesome’, ‘humbling’ and ‘inspirational’ are just a few of the words that can be used to describe this year’s summer Taizhou QingZi public welfare summer classes (泰州青仔公益暑托班) that were held in Taizhou city. This year, a group of ten volunteers from Jiangsu university with the help of the Overseas Education College(OEC) and the Universal Hand-In-Hand association(HIH) took part in the event that was organized by the Yin Xing Gou(银杏果)Public Welfare fund of Taizhou city.  The Summer class program, which is relatively new, began in 2016 with an aim of building an educational platform for the children in peri-urban areas to keep active during holidays. The platform was created in order to enrich the minds of the children, by expanding their knowledge horizons and enhance their ability to communicate while at the same time keep them occupied in a productive way.

The volunteers were based in various teaching facilities located in different counties throughout Taizhou city from the 3rd to the 12th of July. The main role that they played, was to teach the primary school children some basic English language communication skills while at the same time improving their social adaptation skills. They made sure to achieve these goals by using interactive learning experiences such as role playing, singing, dancing, playing games and even through sporting activities.

This year’s summer classes not only had a profound effect on the children, but also made a big impact on the volunteers. One of the most common feedback statements given by the volunteers was that of the shared sense of joy and gratitude they felt for being able to experience such an educative and entertaining experience with the children. One of the volunteers quoted: “Having to teach such brilliant and cooperative kids was an awesome experience. I really wish I could spend more than the ten days I was given with them”. Special thanks were also given to the Chinese volunteers for their hard work and cooperation and also to the people of Taizhou city as a whole for their truly wonderful hospitality.

With such an amazing outcome, accompanied by a mutual sense of joy felt by the children and the volunteers as well as the people of Taizhou, it is hoped that more opportunities for cooperation between Jiangsu university and the city of Taizhou will arise in the nearby future. We also hope that more people that are truly committed to make a positive impact in the lives of children will come forth and help in fulfilling this truly noble cause. After all, as John F. Kennedy once quoted; “Children are the most valuable resource and the best hope we have for the future.”


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