Congratulations to OEC Graduates

Wednesday June 21st 2017 was the day set for the commencement of Jiangsu University and the ceremony was held at the school gym at 9:00 am. All OEC staff members and students as well as family members arrived at the gym by 8:15 am. 

A Royal Presence

With a cast of more than 1,500 graduates and guests, the host introduced all the various dignitaries and invited guests which include all the Deans of the various schools and the President of Jiangsu University YAN XIAOHONG after which the National Anthem was raised.

The morning ceremony began with a speech from the President YAN XIAOHONG. The President warmly congratulated the graduates on their achievements: “I acknowledge that your journey in getting to this point has been far from easy and I know that for all of you, it represents a long and sustained commitment to a programme of study.”

The President continued: “Some of you have had to remain in full-time work while studying; others have had family or dependents to look after. And we must not forget those of you who have had to study completely by yourselves, with little or no tutored support. I know that our students invariably always complete their study programmes against the pressures of juggling a family and career and it is for this reason that I, on behalf of all those at Jiangsu University, am particularly proud to see you all here today ready to graduate.”

The president stated that, grandaunts from Jiangsu University are very excellent and encouraged all students to aim high and hope for better life as they fight to succeed in the future he concluded by saying grandaunts should not be afraid to start small and never be afraid of obstacles on the way to success and wished all the best of luck and said Jiangsu University will always be the charger for success.

There were other speeches delivered by some of the dignitaries including Prof. Liu Hanqing, school of pharmacy who motivated the grandaunts and said Jiangsu University is always home for all students and that students should keep their eyes on the stars and their feet on the ground. 

Mr. Wang Chun Sheng, who is an alumni member shared his success story about business and the challenges in the world as students leave school to seek Job opportunities. 

The speeches ended with the graduation speech coming from ZHU JINXIN and Li Li an OECian who charged all gather to always forge for success even in difficulty moments.

There was presentation of flowers to all teachers present as a symbol of - Thank You before the confirmation and certificate presentation followed with over 100 overseas graduates

At exactly 10:10am, the Vice President of Jiangsu University called for the closure of the ceremony and the Jiangsu University Anthem was sang by all present.

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