OEC Decorating Dormitories with Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings

April 25, OEC decorates dormitories with traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings for overseas students. Nearly 100 Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting works are suspended in students’ dormitories, the hall and corridor in overseas apartment.

These precious works of calligraphy and painting are the donations from Zhenjiang Old Age Painting and Calligraphy Association. Zhenjiang Old Age Painting and Calligraphy Association donated nearly 100 Chinese traditional calligraphy, painting works for expressing concern about overseas students and actively promoting the charm of traditional Chinese culture. These works are distinctive, rich in content, ideological, artistic, ornamental and each painting work has a unique artistic taste. In addition, these works reflect the essence of Chinese culture. OEC cherishes the opportunity and suspends them in overseas apartment.

The exhibition of traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings not only shows the charm of Chinese outstanding traditional culture, but also adds the color of campus life for overseas students.

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