Student Class Teachers’ Workshop was Successfully Convened

    The 2015 OEC student Counselor was convened on Jan 16th in OEC conference room. The vice dean of OEC Wang Limin took presence while 19 student class teachers and 5 newly recruited class teachers attended the workshop. This workshop aims to upgrade the know-how of OEC student class teachers and acclimate the newly recruited counselor and prepare them to spring freshmen.
    The workshop started at 8:30, from when Ms Wang summarised the student affairs work of OEC in 2015,commended the contributions of class teachers and gave constructive advice. Then, the vice dean of NUIST IEC and assistant Dean of NUST IEC were invited to give keynote speech concerning current management of student affairs and information system. Through case study and presentation, the two specialists disabused the confusions of class teachers and presented the new concept of informationisation management. Finally both specialists and class teachers had positive interaction in the Q&A part. The works ended in harmonious and active atmosphere.     
    This workshop contributed to improve class teachers comprehensively and build a responsible, energetic and capable team of student class teachers. Opportunity for learning and development like this workshop is highly popular among student class teachers of OEC. 



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