JEWELS Commemorate "International Day of the Girl"

Date: 20th October 2019
Organized by: JEWELS International Ladies Association
Venue: Teachers Activity Centre
Participants: Over 80

Stemming from various different social connotations and people's various ways of understanding the concept, one would wonder what "gender-based violence" really entails. From the consensus reached at the JEWELS International Day of the Girl Child celebration, which evolved around the topic of 'gender based violence', it is the harm inflicted upon individuals and groups, that is connected to normative understanding of their gender. Some of the forms of the violence perpetrated by individuals include rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, acid throwing, reproductive coercion, female infanticide, prenatal sex selection, obstetric violence and mob violence. Not forgetting harmful customary or traditional practices such as honor killing and dowry violence.

JEWELS arranged a very interesting and captivating event on Sunday 20th October 2019, which attracted a mixed audience. The audience got a chance to express their views on the highlighted issue, Gender Based Violence. The program commenced with a small quiz on breast cancer led by Miss Gugulethu and Miss Jusanne followed by a showcase of some motivating videos, one of which emphasized that "Every girl should be confident and loud. Girls have the power to become anything and everything and can place the world to a better place." 

The JEWELS Read n' Reap book club gave an inspiring tribute to the works and life of Toni Morrison, a literary queen whose works shed much light on social issues such as racism, slavery and violence. "If there's a book that you want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you should write it."” These words from Toni Morrison have a very deep meaning.     

An open discussion on gender based violence moderated by Ms Nana, spurred everyone's engagement on their different perspectives. In the process, she also expressed her views and shared some experiences from her life on Gender Based Violence. Among the issues raised were causative, preventive and defensive measures to GBV. Of importance is to reconnect with the fact that everyone has a role to play in addressing gender based violence. In summary, the conclusion based on this topic was that "VIOLENCE OF ANY SORT IS NEVER JUSTIFIED." 

After the discussion, came a short break complemented with refreshments and musical interlude. After a final presentation on GBV by Ms. Wendy, gifts and certificates were presented to the winners of the International Day of the Girl Child competition. The first prize went to Mr. Evans A. Salema, who also gave a presentation of his prize-worthy work, "She Stayed.".
All good things come to an end. After such a fruitful time, the event had to come to an end with closing remarks from Miss Aisha, the JEWELS Vice Commissioner, and some group photos. Much appreciation goes to the organizers of the event, volunteers and sponsors as we Look forward to more events of such kind.

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