OECians Mark Int'l Drug Control Day | Say NO to Drugs

The day as an event is celebrated worldwide with much conscious fervor to make people aware and emphasize the hazards of drug addiction and illegal trafficking. A problem which is a major deterrent to humanity and a poison to the well-being of the youth. 

This is what invigorated the Zhenjiang Public Security to take up a task in order to create awareness on drug abuse to the entire populace.
Sunday 2nd June, 2019 was the day scheduled to hold this event. As at 7:15am, the registered students converged at the forecourt of OEC to get on board. The bus took off at 7:30am and reached the event ground around 8:10am. Organizers of the event warmly welcomed JSU students. An OEC staff in the person of Mr. Wilson accompanied the students to participate in this event.
The event commenced with a grand style opening ceremony at the Zhenjiang-Dashikou Plaza where approximately 1200 participants from all over Zhenjiang communities, including almost 40 foreign students from Jiangsu University.
The occasion was adorned by experts from the Zhenjiang Narcotics Control Commission of which they conscientized us on the importance of abstaining from any form of drug addiction. Since being under the influence of any illegal drug or alcohol poses serious risks to a person’s health and safety, and jeopardizes self-integrity.
However, in recognition of the serious effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the safety, health and performance of individuals, this event accentuated on standards of conduct and clearly prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol.
In fact, the occasion was fruitful and all partakers were enlightened on Drug Abuse. Our profound gratitude to OEC and Jiangsu University for giving us this opportunity to witness such an event. It’s our outmost wish to regularly experience such events subsequently due to its high importance and positive impact to we students.

Thank you!
Writer: Husseini Sulemana

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