Agric. Corner | Agriculture & Sustainable Development

Topic: Agriculture Technology and entrepreneurship towards sustainable development in the 21st century
Organized by: Society of Agricultural Mechanization (SAM)
Venue: 1st Floor OEC building room G117
Held on: 2019-05-29
Time: 15:30-17:00

    The Society of agriculture mechanization (SAM) of Jiangsu University is a student association which aims to facilitate the collaboration among governments, universities, industries and farmers to enhance food security through agricultural mechanization and agribusiness.

    The “Agric corner” is a gathering of students, Chinese professionals and international experts discussing current agricultural issues and trying to find visible solutions through win-win collaborations between countries.


What are the purposes of the event?
• To discuss the relevance of agriculture mechanization and food security and monthly updates in the area.
• To connect Chinese companies with global talents
• To showcase potential global partners and their current works
• To create the opportunity for international students to gain professional experience and act as proud ambassadors of their respective countries.
    The program started with the introduction of representatives from OEC Dr. Banwo followed by a presentation about SAM from the chairman Prof Hany. This was the opportunity to make the association known to new students. He stretched on the importance of agriculture mechanization. Now more than ever there is need to join hands and find solutions to address food security issues through by taken advantage of the belt and road initiative.

    林金金 a Chinese graduate student from food science department shared her research work about Non-destructive testing technology for agriculture products. In her presentation she elaborated upon the difference between destructive and non-destructive technology and its advantages. The relevance and significance of her research was clear and well presented to the audience. Students were very engaging and asked many questions.
    The following was a presentation from Fredy Agil Raynaldo who is graduate student from Indonesia. His presentation was about Leuit, Local wisdom of Baduy tribe community in Indonesia as an alternative of Agricultural system for food security. He spoke about the traditional technology used in his country by farmers to store the products after harvest. This technology is very useful and help store food for as long as 100 years without depriving it from its nutrients. Many feedbacks and suggestions were made by the participants. Prof Hany added that we need to combine traditional and modern agriculture technology for maximum outcome.


The second part of the event was the open discussion about the relevance of agriculture for young people in various country. Reginald, general secretary of SAM who was facilitating this session encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities in agriculture. The interaction was very instructive with participants from various field and countries such as Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Cameroun, Botswana, Egypt, and Cote d’ivoire. They shared their views on what is happening in agriculture sector in their countries and how they help in establishing a win-win collaboration with China. Ingrid SAM president emphasized on the fact that any student can be a part of SAM irrespective of his major.

    Finally the closing remark was given by Tinashe, SAM financial secretary and he thanked all the participants. A group picture was taken soon after the official closing of the meeting.
    We continue to appreciate students for their support.


    Prepared by: SAM

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