OECians Experience Laba Festival Customs

   On January 11, 2019, JSU's OECians from Russia, Germany, Pakistan, Rwanda and other countries visited a community in Runzhou District, Zhenjiang City. They made and tasted Laba porridge together with locals to understand Laba Festival customs and feel Chinese traditional culture.

   Falling on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month, Laba Festival was originally an occasion for people to give sacrifices to their ancestors, and to pray to heaven and earth for a good harvest and good luck for the family. Many years later, it has become a Laba Congee eating event - a porridge that contains different types of rice, beans, dried nuts, bean curd, and meat.

   The 12th lunar month is called 'La' in Chinese and eight is pronounced 'ba', which is how the name 'Laba' was derived. It is not only regarded as a day of sacrifice, but also the day on which Sakyamuni (founder of Buddhism) realized truth and became a Buddha. 

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