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Energy & Power Engineering (Fluid Machinery and Engineering)

5686 Bachelor Program

The School of Mechanical Engineering offers an undergraduate program to students interested in pursuing a major offering study of the mechanical and flow properties of various fluids including liquids and gasses. FML train you in the techniques involved with the analysis, design and development of fluid mechanisms and systems. Based on the program, students will study for three years at the university and one year they will work in a company to gain work experience.

1. Background
"The Belt and Road" initiative seeks to foster global integration of countries through trade, technology transfer and capacity building across all frontiers. This has created immense opportunities for Chinese enterprises in the field of Fluid Machinery and Engineering and an avenue for International talents to acquire practical experience and exposure in the design of large-scale Water Conservancy, Hydropower Engineering, Pump Products, New Irrigation Technology, Equipment of both Water and Energy saving and other Turbo Machinery Products.
Jiangsu University (UJS) has a National Research Centre in Fluid Machinery and Engineering and has established “The One Belt and One Road International Personnel Training Center (IUA)’’.
 IUA main objectives include:
(1) To provide support for enterprises going global.
(2) Focuses on "International Vision, Project Orientation and Student Center" as the main line of training and cultivating multi-level international talents.
2. Objectives
The project integrates three main disciplines i.e. "Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation". Also, outstanding engineers from the National Research Center of Pumps (NRCP) will provide technical support and expertise knowledge to implement the "The Belt and Road" International Talent "3+1" Engineering Education. The project teaching faculty comprises of both Chinese and well-known foreign scholars, large enterprises and engineering experts. It will engage in promotion of fluid machinery industry, key common technology and practical product development of international talents and become the international science and technology innovation platform for "One Belt and One Road" of Pump Industry.
More importantly, it will be used as the application of engineering talent-training center. It will make a greater impact on social development and economic construction of "One Belt and One Road.” This project aims to promote the internationalization of fluid machinery and systems engineering through educating and turning out well trained graduates to work in enterprises of Chinese "export-oriented" companies along the “Belt and Road" Initiatives which are engaged in Agricultural Machinery, Technology Integration and Standardization, Development and Application of new Water Saving Irrigation Technology and Equipment. The research and application of Pumping Station Engineering and Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Energy Saving and Control of key Technology, Large-scale Water Conservancy Projects. Research and Application of Hydraulic Pump and Device Model and the characteristics of the Fluid Machinery (Pumps), Calculation of the Internal Flow characteristics of Chemical Mechanical Process and Modern Design and Application. The promotion and application of Fluid Machinery and Modern Testing Technology.
In addition to real-life working simulations and trainings, it exposes students and faculties to Manufacturing, Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Construction, Operation and Maintenance and requires people to have certain technical development and product marketing.

3. Employment Direction
The main employment direction of the project is “globalizing" Chinese domestic related enterprises which are under the policy of “The Belt and Road” Initiatives. Fluid Machinery Engineering Enterprises such as Large Scale Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects, Pump Products Research and Design, New Water-Saving and Energy-Saving Irrigation Technology and Equipment, Jiangsu University Alliance Enterprises and many more.
4. Teaching Mode
The project adopts  the "3+1" module, which belongs to the full-time undergraduate education. The curriculum of the undergraduate education and training in UJS is carefully developed and designed. It combines theory and practical classes delivered by experienced professors. Relying on the Jiangsu University University Enterprises Alliance for Cultivating and Educating International Talents , it  makes full use of domestic and foreign high-quality international education resources, specifically designed for International Students.  The “Belt and Road" regional culture, international practice, international forefront of scientific research, management, international affairs, international trade law, cross-cultural communication, international business training, training guidance and practice. Through the integration of theory and practical under one umbrella, lectures by Professors through the usage of  interactive platforms will enhance student’s innovative thinking ability, communication skills and analytical ability to judge. In addition to being able to get a full range of theoretical learning, students can also gain a year of practical training in the related enterprises.
5. Country focus
Presently the project seeks to attract students and resource faculties mainly from Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Mongolia, Turkey, SriLanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Pilipinas, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania,  Estonia, Latvijas, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, New Zealand, Korea, Israe, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and other countries along side “Belt & Road ” Countries.
The project will also recruit brilliant domestic students, who will take classes with the foreign students and who are interested in the services of the “Belt and Road" fluid machinery industry. This will improve cultural exchange, ties and knowledge assimilation due to the students diversity .

6. Practical Base
The project adopts the "3+1" module, and docking with enterprises to accurately carry out special personnel training services with three years of theoretical education and one year of practical education.  The main companies supporting the practical works are:
Ø Shimge Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Ø Shanghai Hema pump equipment Co., Ltd.
Ø Ruddy-Buffaloes Pump Company
Ø Wuxi Shenkang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.
Ø Jiangsu Association of the Pump Companies
Ø Jiangsu University Pump Alliance
Ø China Energy Engineering Group company
Ø Hengli high pressure hydraulic components and system Co., Ltd
Ø Changjiang Pump Co., Ltd.
Ø China Energy  Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.


  • Starting Time:
    Spring: Mar.10-11, 2021
    Autumn: Sep.8-11, 2021
  • Duration:4 years
  • Teaching Medium:English
  • Qualification Awarded:Bachelor Program
  • Application Fee (CNY):200
  • Tuition Fee (CNY/Year):20000
  • Application Deadline:
    Spring: Dec.27, 2020
    Autumn: July. 31, 2021